The Greatest Sin

In 1953, the American and British governments conspired with the Shah of Iran to overthrow the democratically composed government of the country's erstwhile Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh. 

As Mosaddegh would later say in front of a kangaroo court, 

My sin, my greater sin, and even my greatest sin is that I nationalized Iran’s oil industry and discarded the system of political and economic exploitation by the world’s greatest empire.

The Greatest Sin is a podcast that situates and builds on this history, and explores how foreign interference, lies, and malice has shaped Iran's history over the past century. 

This podcast is hosted by Keyvan Shafiei & Séamus Malekafzali. 

Keyvan Shafiei is a writer and PhD candidate at Georgetown University. His work covers a wide range of issues from mass incarceration to economic sanctions. 

Séamus Malekafzali is the Affairs Editor of the Watchdogs Gazette and writes primarily about Iranian politics and Middle Eastern affairs.

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